Architecture is our passion. Our designs are distinguished by their uniqueness, supported by deep researches, exploring history, tradition, art, philosophy, and of course, architecture.


The architectural and interior remodelling of buildings often necessitates some changes or modifications to the structure. In such cases a feasibility study is required to assess the condition strength of the existing structure and its adequacy for the proposed revised loading.


Interior home design is one of the most important areas which needs an expert to take care of. Villa owners often times overlooked if the designers they hire are experts of both villa exterior and interior designs.




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Global Gate Engineering Consultant

Welcome to Global Gate Engineering Consultant Abu Dhabi

We are specialist in Architecture,structure, interior, planning & landscape design Service in Abu Dhabi .We have done many of the projects to the best of the satisfaction of the client. We are Engineering Consultant Abu Dhabi as an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Firm, quality and Customer Satisfaction is our main focus in all aspects of our services. We feel fortunate to have an exceptionally talented group of architectural professionals in our firm who bring knowledge, experience and genuine enthusiasm to the design process. We (Engineering Consultant abu dhabi) collaborate together on projects with local as well as international associates, assembling in teams to accomplish the services that our clients and projects require.
Knowing that our ultimate responsibility is to our clients, we design and provide services that satisfy the needs of each client’s building program, schedule and budget. With each project, our firm continues to grow in breadth and depth, responsiveness and flexibility.

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